Saturday, April 19, 2014

LANDSCAPE STUDY #3: Cuyama Valley


Cuyama valley       around fire stories      rehydrate noodles    woodrat cottontail
of high desert          African snakes            corvids watch          prints in the wash
  a river basin     leopards snowy owls    rodents lizards leave    trailing's intuitive
coyote crosses      fungi and clever       old homestead bones   track gait scat
north of bobcat      ground squirrel is         Carrizo Plain’s          of juniper berry
both head east         not easy at all           herd of antelope         at shot-up tree
 too we depart     to get back to camp     circle tracks long        instant oatmeal
Chumash land      Los Padres Forest        ago pass bonus      good conversation
 after following     steep terrain boulder     under the bridge      Saturday morning
   coyote pair         flying yucca thorns     8 or 9 track studies
 remark space      startle second time     turtle feet and tail     arrive Nettle Springs
   scratch pee          a buck the group      note small species       manzanita yerba
snares are down     trails west of bad-      dozens of books       santa pinyon pines
  snow stays til 12      lands fresh leads        of mammals          Apache Canyon Rd
balls of snow ensue   several we follow      for much of night    off CA State Hwy 33
early goodbye of 2     to ridge overlook       the rain insists        and 166 of oil fields
wake up to snow            freezing cold            we get up         orchard bloom by I-5
Tuesday morning     Monday morning     Sunday morning        drive Friday evening
Meghan Walla-Murphy and all 12 of us on 3/28/14 to 4/1/14 together from 
Sonoma Co. & Marin, So. Africa, Santa Fe, San Francisco and East Bay

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