Friday, November 22, 2013

danger and deliverance

danger and deliverance 
--- a snake offering ---

You want to be alone, you
long and lean, streaked red 
on black - that's danger
and deliverance.

Can I show you the water
the drip in faucet, or vast
ocean currents and waves?
Take this frog as an offering
for ancestors to open wide.

Tell me

whisper in my ear 
mysteries of the cosmos.
Will I die of cancer or 
get run over by a car?
Cry and scream for lost loves, 
dead in front of me?!

Tell me

of his hard, hard climb
and how he sacrificed, 
bombed and killed 
for freedom and God.

Tell me

to wish away the madness,
hide the shame and greed.
no more celebrity gossip
and that dream of millions
of diamonds and gold,


Look into my eyes 
so that I can see 
your spiral dance.
Sugar sugar, 
honey pie.

Find a comfortable spot.
Let me watch you 
and hear you speak.
I will sing for you, 
and tell all about
your beauty.

August 2012

photo above: red-legged frog (Rana draytonii) in Sonoma Co. near coast 8.19.13
photo below: SF 5.23.13, looks like a female with several males on her back:  Bombus vosnesenskii, Yellow-faced Bumble Bee

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