Saturday, November 23, 2013

Tuning in Point Reyes

Tuning in Point Reyes

The sliver of five day moon
offered paths on sand bluffs
clearings in pine woods of
otherwise dark ravines down 
deep in doubts about enough 
food and water, and lodging.
Alone with only my breath
attuning eastern night sky.


Later, together, we will perceive and do,
be wild like nature. Report. Pause. Rewind.
Show off your gorilla dance that I thought
only the Congolese women knew but then
I saw your moves and facial expression,
the memory of a child's imagination. Create
then go home isolate again in the name of
poetry for dancers and their baskets of dry-
ing bay nuts and same stories of lost fathers.

How does the score continue or end? Slow 
motion is okay but please do not call out 
during an original phrase or motion. Wait.
Find out what is not seen or heard, outside
the five senses, and allow it to unfold. Feel 

I wrote this poem with Margit Galanter and the dozen or so of us in mind,
at the Dance Palace, Point Reyes Station on Nov 9 & 10, 2013, Tuning Scores.

Photo above: Angel Island 3.27.13, look like California oak moth larva again:
Phryganidia californica  (in oak woodlands)

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