Saturday, December 28, 2013

the mourning dove

winter solstice 12/21/13

A male dove nearby calls 20x

in a row, rushed. He gets no 
response. Mate gone or rather
the signs of known scarcity, or
a last war song before battle?

The longest night and dry, a warm valley 

breeze and strong noon sun. Together on
the sandy shore, barefoot and needing
hats to block the Pacific's reflection: I pro-
mised to dance for rain and worship water.

To celebrate the winter solstice, we lit

candles and blew out as a wave after
the poet read her poem with audience 
participation: "Earth Fire Water Air"
and young children kept their flames.

How to survive as the most hunted 

bird in North America? Lay lots fer-
tile eggs and grow up at a young age.
Sing a sweet, sad melody in the eve-
ning and figure out how to flee quick-

ly like the pair of doves now flying,

far from the coyotes who have be-
gun the return to their part of the 
story, with porpoises and mountain 
lion (hidden from human and dog.)

Here below is an addendum to get out, air any harboring anger and resentment...maybe I'll edit and add to it later, turn it into a slam poem to compete -since Oakland is hosting the 2014 National Poetry Slam on August 5-9, 2014! Or this could become a song with the first sentence also the refrain:

I am truth looking inside
you. The late night porn
throbbing like shopping
sprees, the Target vio-
lations of credit security
everywhere email compro-
mises, addresses, cell
phone, GPS coordinates.

All that and your inheritance,
your need for gun ammunition.
I am of the American dreams.
I am your denial, your fester 
swept under the rug silent,
your clean backyard with
tall fences, no leaf litter
and over-watered lawns.

photo: Rodeo Beach, Marin Headlands 12/28/13
The 5-pointed star aka a star pentagon or pentagram originated in ancient Sumer, in southern Mesopotamia (modern Iraq) Sumerian is the language/native tongue which was spoken from at least the 4th millennium BC. Later on religions adopted the 5-pointed star, mostly western - Christianity and also neopaganism.

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