Saturday, December 28, 2013


Why was it

    so silent

alone in the

    dark woods?

Not a sound

    in the scrub

near bluffs,

    eerily quiet.

I arrived to

    observe wild-

life but

              night came

and never

    there before,

the pace


my deter-


to get to

    bed 2 hours

      away on foot.

Now I feel

    a fool, rush-

ing to be some-

    place else strive

for my destin-

    ation, like a car

or mad dog of

   bad behavior.

The animals

                were fear-

ful of my

   wake of old

lessons. I

     woke may-

be even

   the birds,

because a fast

    pace is where

predators follow.

     Isolated by

my own do-

    ing, yearn-

ing to recip-

    rocate with


     atoms and the

universe, re-

    flections, pat-

         terns in nature,

                        this pace

                    of concrete

                and oil,


       how to

    express my


This is an epilogue to the earlier poem Tuning in Point Reyes

photo above: SF 12.23.13, an unknown but beautiful fungi bloom
photo here below: SF 8.9.13, California oak moth larva: Phryganidia californica

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