Monday, August 25, 2014

A Butterfly for Oakland, 1974


Forgive me for forgetting you. 

You were meant to be forgotten.

"...not in the MoMA, the Whitney, 

the Met, Art Institute of Chicago, 

National Gallery of Art, Tate Modern,

Centre Pompidou, and others."*

"In major museums, women artists are

only 3 - 5% of permanent collections." **

Your fiery butterfly transformed in 

seventeen minutes of pyrotechnics

retrospective now at ten places.** 

In 2014 you're seventy-five years old.

Freedom and flight, ephemeral art,

messenger of the moment: If life is 

a dance then get up and move. Pro-

vocative artist, not drawn at gender

lines what we learn in four decades.

I'm remembering to remember you.

August 2014

Judy Chicago in 1974 preparing A Butterfly for Oakland. In the background FYI is the Alameda County courthouse aka Moby Dick because of the jail in the building's belly.

**Judy Chicago's retrospective is featured now (Aug 2014) in the Brooklyn Museum, MANA Contemporary, the National Museum of Women in the Arts, the Schlesinger Library, the Palmer Museum of Art, the Oakland Museum of California, the New Mexico Museum of Art and Denver's RedLine. More at

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