Saturday, August 9, 2014

Hello Children

Part I
Parental Guidance 

This is the place they say people come 
Reports of San Francisco’s demise have been 

from far, far, far away to find their dreams
greatly exaggerated* news this month that

Chasin' down these meteors and comets
monoculture matters not just for the loss of the

(chasin' 'em, chasin' 'em, chasin' 'em down)
unexpected or the creative, but because it rises 

Called dreams, in the sky of life
alongside the forced displacement of people.* 

(chasin' 'em, chasin' 'em, chasin' 'em down
Living off a heart of nuclear fire we unravel with-

Chasin' 'em, chasin' 'em) 
out understanding the sun and how the children

They say this is the place stars are born
of cosmos can come to know each other, how

This is the place where it can happen for you
we are made of star stuff said Carl Sagan in 

(for you, for you, for you)
1981** (and he got arrested for protesting nuclear 

California knows how to make dreams sweet
bombs) because the cosmic perspective of ex-

California knows how to-
pansive supernova explosions mean catastrophe 

Whisper in your ear and tell ya you're a star
birthed the remainder of elements of us here 

You're a star, you're a star, you're a star, 
now me and you/us and them and nothing. 

You're a star and you keep on shinin'
Punished for no good reason - right?!

California knows how to make me smile 
I wanted to love you but everyone can't 

sometime yes they do (woo) yes they do
get together could be the tech buses the

California knows how to do what they do
illegal eviction notices that force out kids 

when they do what they do when they do 
and single mothers move to the central val-

what they do to me and you too, hey-ay-
ley desert shanty towns and levied slums,

California-how-hey-ay-ay (phenomenon, 
their men are locked down or shot dead.

phenomenon) worldwide original style (indeed)
Reports justify murder and occupation for-

It's everything they say, it's everything they say
getting our cosmic connection with the stars.

It's everything they say
It's everything they say.

all italics are lyrics from Mos Def's song Kalifornia (his version of Tupac Shakur's song)

*from article by Rachel Brahinsky, with Rebecca Solnit's monoculture appropriation, 
in Boom: A Journal of California, Summer 2014, Vol. 4, No. 2.

**I'm guessing around 1981 was when Carl Sagan said we are made of star stuff.

- - - - - - -
Part II 
I dedicate this one right here

To all my homies out there grinding.
You know what I'm saying? Legally and illegally...
You know what I'm talking about?
So, check it out:
-Lupe Fiasco's Kick Push

This (will be) part II of poem is for my youngest brother Andrew... 

- - - - -
Part III
I'm the earth, wind, fire & the thunder

an un-epithalamia 

Eve ate        the apple       snake's suggestion       original sin       he wrote that       in a book       not long after

they stole       from the serpent           scratched off        Egypt's name          Wadjet the cobra       woman goddess

like Hathor's fertility       mothers with drums       hung with Bast       fierce lioness       sun deity     later Isis

Greeks got her       named her        Aphrodite        feared her         no shrines     no temples       80% slaves

the small remain-     der for women        as prostitutes      or housewives   inferior since     he called      serpent evil

Wadjet         said to Eve         she's not from         Adam's rib       rather       an essential       equal element

cosmic con-       nection to         life with-       out guilt or      original sin            sensual feminine        collective spirit

dignity not to marry       his church           his state      his values for       women's silence       how not to       meet halfway

FYI taxes are lower for co-habitating couples vs. married (with or without kids)

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