Monday, October 6, 2014

Come on Do it Uh huh



  Ladies All the ladies Louder now 
 He's grumbling and I grow concerned. 

  Help me out  Come on  All the ladies
Rants to himself about not getting it, again.

   LET'S TALK  ABOUT SEX Alright ladies
I consider my defenses and whether my provisions 

All the ladies Louder now Help me out
suffice and that he won't get a hold of a gun

   Come on  All the ladies  LET'S TALK 
because he hates women now won't listen  

   ABOUT  SEX  Alright
about mutual respect and love, how to 

Ladies All the ladies Louder now 
tell her she's beautiful. He blames equality 

  Help me out  Come on  All the ladies
for his unfortunate predicament. I rely on  

 LET'S TALK  ABOUT SEX Alright ladies
luck and street smarts to get across town at night. 

All the ladies Louder now Help me out
I wanted this to be about hot consensual sex

  Come on  All the ladies  LET'S TALK 
but it's about a confused man on the bus
   ABOUT  SEX  Alright
 and how to get home safe.

*italics are lyrics of Salt-N-Pepa's song Let's Talk About Sex.

I intended to write a sexy poem in dedication to the 2014's annual women's tracking gathering/not-a-conference this year. We got loud and kind of raunchy on Friday night at the Bodega Dunes campground...

Credit goes to poet Patricia Spears Jones and her Harriet: The Blog posting at:

Hats off and deep bows to Salt-N-Pepa.

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