Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Queen Ix Yohl Ikʻnal


In recognition of Indigenous People's Day, October 13, 2014

Heart of the Wind Place

I saw your granddaughter
                                 in the laundrymat. 
                                                    She is

a grandmother herself with
                         two long parallel braids.
                                                   She has

the same prominent nose,
                                earthy complexion
                                                and smile.

I watched her and him 
                               in pleasant exchange 

ing the shape of her shoe. 
                                  How I did not know  

was coming of her regal
                        walk out the door to curb
                                                no quest-

ions of roots and ground.
                          Oceans and storm tides 
                                                 eat cities.

How the jungle ate your
                   Palenque - a thousand years
                                                  of cedar,

mahogany and sapodilla trees  
                           near Usumacinta River,

Heart of the wind place: 
                           you ran with the moon
                                                  to here?!

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