Tuesday, November 18, 2014

bus commute aka don't feed the animals

traffic horns full backpacks elbow designer bag standing with cour-
tesy cover the mouth quit memory cough remember not and don't
feed the animals headphones face-book youtube search google pandora 
games ebooks news emoji text instagram updates every day twitter
packed bus to downtown times two times five times four comes to forty
hours is two thousand four hundred minutes in four work weeks and each
season to deaden numb dull suppress


the old-growth's gone 2nd or 3rd for marbled murrelet that's an issue
but minor compared to human im- pact food add corvids times nine
I'll circle and spiral with hands near hips lean back same as wild goose
twice a day in preparation for winter when I itch and crave coffee since
I still don't know how to sit still my heart beats like a reptile waits for
just the exact moment escaping two thousand four hundred minutes
of the deaden numb dull suppress


holiday shoppers next to police with batons and guns in Union Square
a helicopter over protesters' chants that Black Lives Matter in today's
America of colonial rule where my bus took two hours to get home 
today quadruple the typical time of two thousand four hundred minutes 
or ninety six hundred a month grows movements after Ferguson why 
wonder why the mockingbird is singing at nine-thirty tonight in this weather
of almost winter?

December 2014
    Photo credit: Tim Hussin, special to SF Chronicle 12/16/14

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